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Autumn Cycling

La bici en otoño


Rain, wind and bold colours. That is Autumn, well usually anyway. This year there hasn’t been much rain (the Netherlands is experiencing a severe draught) and the otherwise normal temperature drop has been postponed too, apparently. With temperatures of up to 27 degrees in mid-October we were having a very unusual Autumn. The leaves did change colour though, even with those high temperatures and an abundance of sun. It gave me the opportunity to film people cycling wearing short sleeves and sometimes even shorts in a backdrop of the boldest autumn colours.

Young and old went for a ride on a beautiful warm autumn Sunday. This mother with her three children cycled in Vught.

My video this week is quite a contrast to some of my earlier Autumn videos but we have to go back a long time! Last year I also made one in warm sunny weather, but that…

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