British Swimmer Successfully Completes 500-Kilometer Swim Along New York’s Hudson River

Lewis Pugh, a renowned British swimmer, achieved a remarkable feat as he swam an astonishing 500 kilometers along New York’s Hudson River, ultimately reaching Manhattan on Wednesday, September 13th.

Advocating for Clean and Healthy Rivers

Lewis Pugh, a 53-year-old athlete, dedicated one month to this incredible endeavor, aiming to raise awareness about the significance of clean and healthy rivers. The United Nations bestowed upon him the title of Patron of the Oceans, making him the first-ever recipient of this honor a decade ago.

Pugh said, “I reflect on the fact that everything we hold dear depends on our ability to drink clean water, breathe fresh air, and preserve our planet for future generations when I see the Statue of Liberty on the horizon and witness the beautiful torch.”

He added, “Rivers are the lifeblood of our planet.”

British Swimmer Successfully Completes 500-Kilometer Swim Along

The Dangers of Swimming in the Hudson River

The Hudson River in New York has long suffered from various pollutants, ranging from industrial chemical waste to sewage discharge. Recent years have seen a slow but steady improvement in the river’s water quality, thanks to cleanup efforts and tightened environmental regulations.

Pugh’s mission was to demonstrate to the world that rectifying some of the damage caused by pollution in the river is indeed possible.

He expressed, “They will be inspired by what I’ve done here and will say to themselves, ‘If they can do it in the Hudson River, surely we can do it in our own rivers, and our rivers can be saved too.'”

However, the reality is that the water quality in the Hudson River is far from perfect. Throughout his journey, Pugh had to navigate through floating plastic debris and dodge tugboats, all while battling exhaustion.

In certain segments of his Hudson River swim, Pugh made sure to consume a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, rinse his mouth with antiseptic mouthwash, wash his hands with soap, and wear earplugs.

A History of Extreme Swims for Clean Rivers

Lewis Pugh has previously undertaken several extreme swimming endeavors in support of clean and fishable rivers. He has swum in challenging locations such as Antarctica, the Arctic Circle, and the Red Sea, all in a bid to promote clean river programs that enable swimming and fishing.

His dedication to these aquatic adventures showcases the lengths to which individuals can go to raise awareness about the vital importance of preserving our planet’s waterways.

Inspiring a Global Cause

Lewis Pugh’s monumental swim along the Hudson River serves as an inspiration for environmentalists and advocates worldwide. His unwavering commitment to the cause of clean rivers highlights the urgent need to protect and rehabilitate water bodies that play a crucial role in sustaining life on Earth.

As Pugh gazes at the Manhattan skyline after completing his remarkable journey, his message reverberates: “Rivers are not just local waterways; they are interconnected arteries that sustain our entire planet. It’s our collective responsibility to ensure they remain clean and vibrant for generations to come.”


Lewis Pugh’s extraordinary feat of swimming 500 kilometers along the Hudson River in New York underscores the vital importance of clean and healthy rivers. While his journey was challenging, it symbolizes the broader global effort required to protect and restore our waterways. Pugh’s dedication serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals and communities worldwide to take action in safeguarding these precious natural resources.