Singaporean Gamers: What’s Hot And What’s Not?

So, turns out Singaporean gamers have some pretty surprising picks when it comes to esports. Forget about the usual suspects like Dota 2 or VALORANT – the cool crowd in Singapore is all about FIFA, Call of Duty, and League of Legends (LoL).

Singaporean Gamers: Top Dogs in the Gaming Playground

In the recent YouGov study, the top five games Singaporeans are vibing with include FIFA, Call of Duty, LoL, Call of Duty Mobile, and Dota 2. Wait, Dota 2 is only at 17%? Shocking, right? Especially when you consider the success of Singaporean stars in the game.

Singaporean Gamers: Shouting Out Our Esports Champs

Let’s take a moment to cheer on our gaming heroes. Daryl “iceiceice” Koh, the 33-year-old Dota 2 champ, is basically an icon in Southeast Asia. And don’t forget about our homegrown heroes at Paper Rex rocking the VALORANT stage. Plus, we’re no slouches in MLBB, hosting leagues and celebrating champs like Team Flash.

Keeping It Casual: FIFA and Call of Duty Steal the Show

Okay, here’s the lowdown. FIFA and Call of Duty are stealing the spotlight, especially among casual gamers who might not be glued to esports drama. YouGov’s data spills the tea – a lot of Singaporeans spend just an hour or less each week gaming. FIFA and Call of Duty’s chill vibes seem to be the perfect match for our laid-back gaming crew.

Singaporean Gamers: High Fives to Our Pro Players and Teams

Even if we’re not clocking in crazy gaming hours ourselves, we’re still cheering on our fave pro players and teams. YouGov’s study spills the beans – 82% of us are backing our Asia-Pacific teams, and 67% are throwing love to the global squads.

Shoutouts to Our Team MVPs

Who’s getting all our love? Damwon Esports, DRX, Liiv SANDBOX, EVOS Legends, and DetonatioN FocusME are our go-to Asia-Pacific teams. Globally, it’s Cloud9, CompLexity Gaming, EG, Counter Logic Gaming, and T1 that get our virtual high-fives.

Singapore: The Rising Star in Gaming

YouGov not only drops the deets on our gaming preferences but also crowns Singapore as a rising star in the gaming world. Move over, other countries – Singapore is claiming its spot alongside Indonesia and Thailand as a gaming and esports hub.

Bottom Line: Singapore’s Gaming Scene – Where Casual Meets Cool

Surprise, surprise – Singapore’s gaming community is rocking a mix of casual cool and serious team spirit. Whether it’s FIFA on a lazy Sunday or cheering on our Paper Rex champs, we’re all in for AGENGACOR ride. As Singapore takes its place in the gaming spotlight, get ready for more epic moments in the world of gaming and esports!